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The Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) serves as the main power source in sites where grid power is unavailable. The energy station is flexible and scalable and the output power can be increased or decreased according to demand. Typically, the main power source is provided via solar or wind energy and the engine serves as a back-up, only running when the battery is at a low state of charge.

Uninterruptible Power Supply & Critical Power

The Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) serves as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in sites where grid power is available by providing seamless and uninterrupted back-up power in the event of a grid outage.

Operating in this mode, the Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) serves as a UPS for critical applications in situations where a power failure can result in safety, security or financial risks.

The Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) can also be used to save money when grid prices spike during peak times. Alternatively, the Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) can be used to level out a demand profile so the client does not have to pay Utility peak power demand surcharges, i.e. Peak Shaving.


The Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) can also be used as an energy storage device. Power harnessed from renewable sources or the grid (when this power is available) can be stored and released when needed.

The economic advantage of purchasing cheaper power at night and releasing it during the peak daytime tariff period is complemented by the secondary advantage of having guaranteed back-up power installed on site that is independent of grid issues.


The Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) serves as the a “Microgrid in a Box” where grid power is unavailable or unreliable. The CHES is flexible and scalable, the output power can be increased or decreased according to demand. The main power source is provided via renewable energy with excess energy stored in a state of the art Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The CHES system can be easily integrated with diesel or gas on-site Capstone Microturbine generator systems.

Renewable Integration

Renewable systems such as wind and solar power are inherently intermittent, as the energy they supply undergoes large instabilities with changes in sun exposure and wind speed. The solution to this problem is the Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES). A CHES is a convenient and efficient way of storing and supplying energy on an as-needed basis, thereby compensating for the instabilities in the wind and solar energy supplies.

The CHES stores the energy that is generated on windy or sunny days, and then supplies that stored energy on days that are calm or cloudy. For this reason, the CHES is vital to the sustainability and continuous development of renewable energy sources. The grid forming capabilities of the CHES allow operation with 100% renewable energy, unlike conventional systems which require dispatchable ‘spinning reserve’ operating continuously.

Grid Support Services

Modern electricity grids are moving towards high proportions of renewable power generation. This brings new challenges around frequency stability, which the CHES addresses.

• Synthetic inertial response
• Fast frequency response
• Arbitrage
• Voltage & Frequency Stabilization
• Fault Ride Through
• Active Harmonic Filtering
• Peak Shaving
• Easily integrate diesel/gas generators


Capstone Hybrid's power generation technologies based on renewable energy provide reliable and cost effective off-grid power solutions for the Telecoms industry. In order to meet licensing coverage requirements and revenue targets, Telecom operators typically fast track the construction and integration of new base stations into their networks. This, however, poses difficulties for the electricity supply companies who are regularly unable to meet these challenging deadlines due to network limitations (inability to extend their power network to remote areas) or due to planning or local issues. In these situations, the Telecoms companies utilize a temporary power system. In some cases, Telecoms companies will never gain access to a grid supply and the temporary power supply becomes the permanent power supply.

Data Centers

The Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) is the ideal stand-alone power solution for the data center industry which requires large amounts of reliable power to operate and cool ever increasing numbers of servers and communications equipment. The CHES with lower operating costs is the most effective and efficient modular utility system for the data center industry.

Community Power

In many developing economies, electrical infrastructure remains primarily centralized. In sub-Saharan Africa in particular, population dispersion means that grid extension is often economically unviable and in most of these countries less than 10% of rural communities have access to electricity.

The Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) can incorporate renewable energy sources such as solar or wind energy and is underpinned with a battery set and generator to guarantee a continuous reliable energy supply with reduced engine run hours and lower fuel consumption.

The Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) is a modular systems which can increase in capacity in line with the community load demands to power essential services such as Healthcare, Education, Municipal (local government), Communication, Emergency Response, Domestic power and Agriculture/Small industry.