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Capstone Green Energy – Hybrid Solutions
Smarter Energy For A Cleaner Future

How We Make it Possible

Creating a Cleaner,
More Energy Efficient Future

Capstone Hybrid Energy Solutions designs and manufactures clean, cost-effective modular hybrid energy stations and Lithium-Ion battery energy storage systems (BESS).

On or off-grid, Capstone Hybrid provides low carbon answers to the energy challenges of today. Our Capstone Hybrid Energy Stations (CHES) can be rapidly deployed even in remote locations to provide scalable power generation and storage to meet any power demand.

Applications range from remote telecom base stations to utility grids and generation options include wind and solar in addition to diesel or gas fuel. All with reliable, continuous output.

Constantly advancing the state of the art in modular energy technology, Capstone Hybrid Energy Solutions will lead the way in creating an energy future that is ever more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound. So you can focus your energy on what you do best.

in Application

Our products can be used as energy-storage devices for power harnessed from renewables or the grid, as uninterruptible power supplies when grid power is available, or as main power sources when it is not.

A Powerful
Range of Choices

Our Capstone Hybrid Energy Station (CHES) products offer customers a range of power generation and storage options. The CHES Mini consists of a powerful microturbine or engine/battery combination which can be supplemented with wind or solar for an even greener solution.

Serving a Wide
Range of Markets

From remote, off-grid critical power applications to the stabilization of modern power distributions networks. We focus on the seamless integration of multiple power sources with smart energy storage.